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We have lots of new activities coming soon – keep up to date @CAWCADover on Facebook

Our Hall

Home to a range of community activities run by the association as well as those subsidised by the association

Also available to hire for individuals and groups (subject to availability)

Facebook Page & Group

 We have a Facebook Page with the latest news from the Association. 

We also run a Community Discussion Group where you can get to know what is going on and discuss with others in the community. 


As a charity we have a membership, that membership is made up of anyone 18+ who wishes to support the work of the Association. Also all users of the hall are members. Membership is FREE and you only need to sign up once. 

How we operate

Our Committee is made up of


Trustees registered with the Charity Commission who take ultimate responsibility for the Hall and Association

Association Members

Members of the Association volunteering their time to keep the Hall and Association running

Local Council Reps

Local Councillors and Outreach Employees are welcome to visit and give their input in an advisory manner